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MIDB - Basic Search

MIDB - Basic Search

The basic search page can be used to query the MIDB on the species and gene level. Results can be filtered by gene class. Any species within the database is listed within the drop down list below. The drop down list is alphabetized, however common species are included at the top of the list for your convenience. To search based on gene, input either the gene symbol, id or common synonym. The gene search can work with partial words, however the more specific your search, the faster your results will return. Results are limited to the top 1000 hits. The basic search query will return all matching genes. Transcript and intron pages are accessible from the gene page. Consider viewing the advanced search page if you would like to see additional search functionality. Please note the advanced search page is currently under construction until further notice.

If you have used any information obtained from the MIDB for your own research, we ask you to please cite: (Olthof et al., 2019) and (Olthof and Schwoerer et al., in preparation, 2022).

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